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MINOTTI Connery Sofa

MINOTTI Connery Sofa

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Minotti CONNERY composition "Flap" base and armrest in natural leather, fabric seats and backs from the 2022 collection.

- 1 island element with Flap armrest 230x118 cm (sx)

- 1 island corner unit with Flap armrest 239x118 cm (sx)

Overall dimension: 348 cm x 239 cm

Exhibition model: Impeccable condition (due to replacement by new Connery composition)


Contemporary while distinguishing itself, in the purity of its lines, by an architectural charm reminiscent of the American Mid-Century Modern style, Connery is a seating system whose aesthetic and formal quality is immediately perceived. The skilful interplay of materials and the refinement of the finishes add a haute couture note to the spirit of the project.

Extremely versatile seating system, both in terms of composition and choice and combination of materials, Connery shows a unique personality that can also be found in the lounge chairs, very original, in round or square shape. . The geometric rigor of the base creates an original contrast with the softness of the seat - designed as a cushion made up of a single mattress embellished with light topstitching punctuating the seat over its entire width (83 cm or 68 cm) - as well as 'with the very structure of the backrest and armrests covered in down. The backrest forms with the armrest a single volume characterized by a 45° slit in the corner.

The padded structural base, like the fabric covering, can be covered with strips of leather made using a technique used for making luggage. This notion of top-of-the-range leather goods is also found in the headrests as well as in the elegant "C" Flap shelves harmoniously integrated into the seat elements which give great dynamism to the compositions. On the front, thin plates of shiny lacquered metal in Brandy color raise the structural base above the ground. In addition to enhancing the beauty of the sofa by evoking the metal parts of trunks and suitcases, they give it an airy appearance.

Providing the system with a very refined support and storage solution, the Flap shelves also adopt the strip pattern of the structural base. Upholstered in leather or Moka ash wood, the shelves establish a harmonious dialogue with the textures of the covering.

The leather strips of the structural base, sewn together with ribbons and punctuated with seams giving rhythm to the sofa, are made using the same technique used for the manufacture of luxury luggage. The headrests, which can be freely positioned, also reflect the concept of top-of-the-range leather goods.

Particularly structured and customizable in terms of composition, the range of products also includes, in addition to deeper but square-shaped lounge chairs, elements with circular lines that can be combined with the sofa like atolls.



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